Cybersecurity Product Owner (Product Security)

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Based on our expertise we can help your company as Cybersecurity Product Owner, who will comprehensively manage the cybersecurity aspect of a product. This role is seen as complementary to that of a Product Owner responsible for, among others, the business side.


In today’s digital world, where most businesses have moved their workloads and products online, IT security is not only important but crucial to a company’s success. Given the increasing number of cyber threats, traditional roles related to IT security are evolving to meet new challenges. One such position is the role of the Cybersecurity Product Owner. This individual acts as a bridge between technical and business teams, focusing on the security of a specific product, such as an application or system. Instead of limiting themselves to technical aspects, the Cybersecurity Product Owner has the skills and responsibility for comprehensive security management of the product from the beginning to the end of its lifecycle.

The scope of responsibility for the Cybersecurity Product Owner is broad and covers many key areas essential for ensuring the highest level of product security. Here are the main areas addressed:

  • Risk analysis and security assessment – Identifying potential threats to the product and evaluating their impact and likelihood of occurrence.
  • Collaboration with development teams – Implementing best security practices in the process of creating and updating the product.
  • Audit and monitoring – Regular security reviews of the product, monitoring logs and security-related alerts.
  • Security incident management – Responding to security incidents, managing them, and preventing them in the future.
  • Training and education – Ensuring that all team members are aware of and adhere to best security practices in their daily work.
  • Updating policies and procedures – Developing, updating, and enforcing internal security guidelines.
  • Vendor and partner assessment – Making sure that all external partners adhere to appropriate security standards.
  • Resource and budget management – Allocating resources for security-related initiatives and monitoring expenditures associated with product security.
  • Stakeholder communication – Regularly informing management, clients, and other key stakeholders about the product’s security status as well as any significant threats and incidents.

The ultimate goal of the Cybersecurity Product Owner is to ensure that the product is not only functional and meets client expectations but is also secure and resilient against various cyber threats.

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