The Unnoticed Plague

Let’s talk about a plague occurring in the world of IT cybersecurity, which, in my opinion, receives too little attention. The title of the article may seem like an oxymoron, but let’s see if that’s really the case.

As an incentive, I’ll add that the topic concerns the data processed in the applications you use, including the confidential information of your company and your clients. It’s better if these data don’t leak, right?

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Docker Security – Step-by-Step Hardening (Docker Hardening)

This article provides practical recommendations for configuring Docker platform aimed at increasing its security. It also suggests tools helpful in automation of some tasks related to securing Docker.

My intention is to guide the reader step by step through the process of preparing a secure configuration. As such, this guide may prove to be more extensive than other similar publications. However, this is a conscious choice. My goal is not merely to present a dry list of parameters and ready-made configuration snippets, but to provide the reader with a fuller context. I want the reader to understand why certain modifications are necessary and what benefits their implementation will bring.

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